A Meal Planning Concept

Plan Ahead: Save time, money and sanity for an entire week!

Our meal plan typically consists of an entre, a vegetable or salad, and a starch  where applicable.  We will also provide a dessert suggestion.

Family Time

By planning your meals in advance you save time, money and more importantly your sanity, all while giving your family much needed time to be together. Our recipes are designed with your busy schedule in mind.

Are you cooking for only one?

Our recipes are scalable down to 2 servings. We suggest you prepare the recipe and freeze one serving, thereby giving yourself a "cooking holiday" somewhere down the line. Simply defrost and serve your previously prepared meal; providing yourself a good, home-cooked meal instead of opening a frozen manufacturer's prepared box.

emealsforyou.com Meal Plan Suggestions

Sometimes you have to cook, sometimes you want to cook, but you always want the food to be good! Whether preparing a quick meal or an all-out banquet, our Quick Meals Planner and Special Occasion Planner help make your life easier.

Need help in creating your Meal Plan? We have some helpful tips!

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