A Meal Planning Concept

Our History

emealsforyou.com evolved over 10 years ago as an email distribution group, forwarding a couple of recipes to a few friends. One day after deciding to end the emeals, Dennis Kraus received messages from over 250 people complaining that they missed the meals. It seems that his friends forwarded the recipes to their friends, who forwarded them to their friends... and so the arrival of emealsforyou.com

Chef Jake. Chef Jake is named after Dennis' father who always had a good meal on the stove. He never wanted to pretend to be a gourmet cook, always insisting his meals were good, wholesome, and comforting. In that light, we present our meals which are designed to promote gathering around the table, whether with family or guests. Our goal is to enjoy good food, good conversation and good company and yes (with a wink at Jake), maybe a little bit of gourmet at times.

Dennis Kraus. Dennis Kraus excelled throughout his career, leading the nation in portable computer sales for 3 of 4 years while at Toshiba America Information Systems. He was awarded 3 Regional Excellence Awards with sales topping $100 million in 1993. A member of both the 100 Percent Club and President's Club at Xerox, Dennis' passion for integrity, craftsmanship and success represents the ideal background for emealsforyou.com.

Teresa Branda. The addition of Teresa Branda, a successful caterer and chef at the Emerson Pottery Tea Room, and  graduate of Miami University in Oxford, Ohio with a Fine Arts degree as Executive Chef, lends itself perfectly to compliment the management staff.  With a flair in both the artistic and gourmet food worlds, Teresa's touch can be seen throughout our recipes and suggestions.  Teresa will also be heading up our new "Decorating Your Table" section in the very near future.

From time to time, we will recommend sites which we find are in line with our philosophy. We hope you will recommend your favorites as well! 



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